Bring your Product to Life!

Nothing matches the impact of a robot in the shape of your product!

BreakAway Communications can create a larger-than-life version of your product that is fully "robotized." When your customized robot rolls through a crowd describing its features and interacting with the audience, it's an unforgettable experience.

"H.J., the Heinz Ketchup Bottle Robot is the company's ambassador of good taste."


What type of product can be transformed into a robot?
Almost anything that is packaged in a box, can, bottle or carton can become an animated robot character.

Can a robot hand out promotional materials?
Absolutely! Custom robots can be constructed to dispense coupons or product samples.

Does the robot actually interact with the audience?
Thanks to our skilled performers and our state of the art equipment, our robot moves around the audience and can hear the audience's questions or comments and respond in an entertaining way. A great way to get your message across in a memorable way!

Where are product robots most effective?
Robots always gather a crowd. Companies have used their product robots to introduce a new product at meetings and conventions, at in-store promotions, business openings and they're used in public relations campaigns.

How can I find out more about developing a product robot for my business?
Contact John at or call (630)240-6933.


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