When you're looking for a unique, versatile, live interactive way to communicate with flair, use a robot.

At Trade Shows:

  • Robots build traffic and attract prospects.
  • Robots "break the ice" for sales people to more easily approach prospects.
  • Robots are superb at qualifying prospects in a non-threatening manner.

At Sales Meeting:

  • Robots add a unique element to keep audiences attentive.
  • Robots can act as an emcee, presenter or interact with company personnel on stage.
  • Robots reinforce sales presentation points in an unforgettable way.

At Store Openings and Special Events:

  • Robots make an impact that people remember.
  • Robots create invaluable customer goodwill.
  • Robots attract attention and bring your product to life.

Colgate robot at event

Round-up robot at work

Robot at Walmart

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